Nitschke Nancarrow have over 20 years of experience in helping healthcare workers, medical professionals and doctors to identify their financial goals, and exceed them. In the past two decades of specialising in the medical sector, we have built a comprehensive understanding of the needs of our individual clients, as well as the business requirements that are unique to the healthcare industry. Our expertise allows us to provide the highest value to our clients, and to you.

No matter where you are in your training, there are a few fundamental considerations that must be addressed. Using the latest technology, we can offer financial planning services, accounting, including strategies and templates. This allows us to plan for our client's future, set achievable goals, implement risk management solutions, improve communication and accessibility to ensure that our clients are on track for every step of the way throughout their journey throughout their financial life.

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At Walsh Accountants, we have a niche team of specialist Accountants and Advisors focused on supporting medical and health care professionals.

We call this team Walsh Health and it’s our responsibility to ensure our doctor clients receive the specialist care and attention they need and deserve – reminiscent of the level or care and attention they would provide to their own patients.

Based on over 40 years’ experience, we understand the unique challenges faced by medical professionals and understand the different stages of your career to step you in the right direction to help you move from employee, to contractor, to business owner, in the right time frame for you and with the support to understand your requirements at each stage of the journey.  

We know you want to pay less tax, protect your assets and have enough cash to enjoy the important things in life so let us take care of this so you focus on your specialty and be confident knowing in collaboration with Walsh Health, all of your financial affairs and business matters will be taken care of.

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